Rules of the game Aviator

There are no traditional reels and lines for winning combinations in the Aviator game. Instead, the main element is an airplane taking off into the black sky like a small rocket. So, how to make money on this dynamic and exciting slot?

rules aviatorBets and Odds:

Players place a bet before starting the slot, and here it is important to consider the odds. They range from 0 to x100 depending on the length of the flight.

Slot Startup and Airplane Takeoff:

After the bet is placed, the airplane takes off quickly on the screen. This is the moment when excitement mixes with anticipation.

Calculating the Winnings:

As the airplane takes off, the multiplier used in the game multiplier is calculated. This multiplier will determine your winnings.

Art of Money Withdrawal:

The key strategy here is to withdraw money with the highest probability before takeoff. Your job is to know when to stop so you don’t lose your bet.

Risk and Winning:

If you manage to withdraw your money before takeoff, your winnings are locked in. Otherwise, the bet goes to the online casino’s revenue.