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Hi! My name is Ivan Demidov and I created this fan site to share with you all the intricacies of the game “Aviator”. This is a unique gambling entertainment that turned the idea of classic slots upside down. This innovative game is without lines and reels, instead of which you will see an airplane starting every 5 seconds on the screen. You can control the risk and collect your bet before the airplane disappears from view. The payout ratio will depend on the moment you decide to pick up your bet.

On this site, you will have the opportunity to learn about the strategies of the game (budget strategy, Martingale strategy, Flat strategy and many others). You will also learn about betting ranges and payout odds, as well as how to get a head start on the game and withdraw your winnings.

I hope you enjoy the world of Aviator as much as I did. From the screw!

Sincerely, Ivan Demidov

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Aviator History

The game “Aviator” was created by the Spribe team, which spent many months on its development . Its official release took place in January 2019 and immediately excited many casino visitors. Some experts believed that interest in it would quickly wane, but they were gravely mistaken.

The Aviator game was so successful that the provider Spribe decided to release an updated version. Ek presentation took place in 2021. The mechanics of the game remained the same, but the design was changed and the payout percentage was increased. This made the Aviator game even more interesting and profitable for betting.

Rules and features of the Aviator game

Both versions of the Aviator game are based on Provably Fair technology, which ensures that the game meets international quality standards and the results of the rounds are always random.

The Aviator game offers a unique gambling experience that is different from traditional games. Players have the opportunity to bet on an airplane that starts every 5 seconds. This opens up many opportunities for participants to get big payouts. Each round of the game offers new chances for success and profit.

To succeed in the Aviator game, many players use different strategies. One such strategy is the Martingale strategy. It consists of taking the bet at x2 odds and doubling the amount on the next round each time you lose. Thanks to this strategy, it is possible to get to a good plus on the distance.

Another popular strategy in the game “Aviator” – is the strategy of flying. It is based on bankroll management and involves betting no more than 10% of the current amount in the account for each round. This strategy allows you to slowly spend your bankroll in case of a losing streak and get big winnings in case of a sequence of successful rounds.

How to play Aviator?

To successfully play Aviator, players also study other players’ reviews to learn about the most profitable solutions of successful gamblers. It is also recommended to practice in demo mode (I personally started this way) to fully understand the mechanics and features of the game, evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and gain experience. Using bonuses can also help to avoid risks and get real prizes.

If a player manages to win in the game “Aviator” for money, he can withdraw his winnings to his personal account. To do this, you need to go to the personal cabinet of your game account, select the tab “Finance” and then “Withdrawal”. After specifying the payment method, deposit amount and required details, you can send a request to withdraw your winnings. The request will be considered by the financial department of the casino and after its approval, the winnings will be credited to the personal account.

When choosing a place to play Aviator, it is recommended to choose a licensed casino with a good reputation and fast withdrawal. Also, if the game does not start, you can try to choose a different type of internet connection or use a VPN to bypass blocking.

To start playing the Aviator game for real money, you need to:
Register at the online casino.
Deposit funds into your account using the chosen method.
Start the game.
Make a bet.
Wait for the start of the round and have time to pick up your bet before the plane flies away.
The algorithm of actions in free mode is similar. The only difference is that you do not need to register, and you can play in the “Guest” mode.

Unique features of the game “Aviator”

The Aviator game offers several unique features that make it special among other online casino gambling activities.

Two bets in one round

In Aviator, you can place not only one, but also two bets per round. The gaming interface provides two buttons to select your bets, which can be of different sizes. You can collect your winnings at different times. This feature adds more excitement to the game and allows you to get double payouts on a successful round.

Auto Play

Next to the bet size selection button is the auto play option. You can set the multiplier, when reached, the game will automatically stop and your bet will be calculated. For example, if you choose a x25 multiplier, when Aviator reaches this value, the game will end and you will receive your winning bet.

Game Statistics

The provider openly provides the results of the rounds. In addition, players can access other users’ statistics for different periods of time, from a day to several weeks or months. This information provides insight into what bets players typically place, the most common payout odds, and the approximate length of rounds. This data can help you assess risk and adjust your strategy.

Betting Range and Payout Odds

There is a wide range of bets available in the Aviator game. This allows everyone to play regardless of their bankroll size. Payout odds start at x1.0 and can go up to x1000. They increase as the airplane takes off. With a successful outcome, the player can get a large winnings to his account.

Game payout and available platforms

The announced RTP level of the Aviator game is 97%, which is high for gambling entertainment. This makes the game favorable for playing for real money. The Aviator game is available on a variety of devices including phones, tablets, computers and laptops. The version of the operating system does not matter, the main thing is to have a stable and fast internet connection.

Strategies for playing Aviator

When playing Aviator for money, players are looking to capitalize on their bets and often employ various strategies to do so.

Budget strategy

This strategy does not require a large investment. The essence of the strategy is to bet in the minimum amount for each round and close the bet at odds x1.10. For example, in case of a loss, the loss will be 100 dollars, and in case of victory the player will receive 110 dollars. This strategy is considered effective and brings a good income due to the fact that the plane rarely closes the flight at odds x1.10.

Martingale strategy

The Martingale strategy is widely used in gambling games, including Aviator. The essence of the strategy is to take away the bet at odds x2 and double the amount for the next round each time you lose. This allows you to get good winnings over the distance.

Flat strategy

Another popular strategy is based on bankroll management: for each round bet no more than 10% of the current amount in the account. This strategy allows you to slowly spend your bankroll in case of unsuccessful rounds and get big wins in case of a sequence of successful rounds.

Getting a handicap in Aviator

For a successful game in Aviator, casino customers apply different approaches:

They study other players’ reviews to learn about the most favorable decisions that successful gamblers have made.
They practice in demo mode, making bets using free credits. This allows you to fully understand the mechanics of the game, evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and gain experience.
Use bonuses. Playing on bonus funds, players can avoid risks and get real winnings.
Withdrawing winnings from Aviator
Winnings received from successful bets in Aviator for money can be withdrawn to the player’s personal account. To do this, the following steps must be performed:

Go to the personal cabinet of your gaming account.
Select the tab “Finance” and then “Withdrawal”.
Select the payment method.
Enter the withdrawal amount and the necessary details.
Press the “Request” button.
The created request will be sent to the casino’s finance department and will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. After the request is approved, the winnings will be credited to the player’s personal account.


1. How much can I win at Aviator?
It all depends on the size of bets, payout odds and the player’s luck.

2. Are there any win-win strategies for playing Aviator?
No, the existing methods only minimize the risks, but do not give a 100% guarantee of prize payouts.

3. With what methods can I withdraw money?
Clients of casinos in Russia are available to popular electronic services and bank cards.

4. Where is the best place to play Aviator?
Choose licensed casinos with a good reputation and fast withdrawal.

5. What to do if the game does not start?
Choose a different type of internet connection, and in case of blockages, connect a VPN.

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